Winterthur, also known as Winti for short, is the sixth-largest city in Switzerland with a population of just under 115,000. Winti was once an important industrial city and is now known as a service, educational, cultural and leisure center.

It was granted city rights by the Habsburgs in 1264, but the Counts of Kyburg were the actual founders of the city. In the former industrial city, the companies Sulzer, SLM and Rieter or their successor organizations are still active today, but no longer in their former size. Today, the city is oriented towards the service sector and is the headquarters of AXA.

Due to its many gardens and parks, Winterthur is also known as a “garden city”. Examples are the Brühlgutpark, the Eulachpark, the Römerpark or the Stadtgarten.

Winterthur owes its reputation as a “garden city” not only to its urban planning, but also to a relatively large stock of family gardens, called Pünt in Winterthur, known elsewhere as allotment gardens.

Important local recreation areas are the wooded hills around Winterthur such as the Goldenberg and the Eschenberg. The Bruderhaus wildlife park is also located here.

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