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Traveling widens your horizons, but also gives you time to pause. I am glad that you take a little time out to browse through my travels.

Here I will gradually create an archive of all the places I had the pleasure to visit on my travels! The posts will be supplemented by information about the individual places.

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Newest posts

The latest posts can be found here, the whole list under Where was I? If you only want to have a look at the photos, then my Portfolio is the right one for you.

  • Muggia


    Muggia is a small Italian community with just under 15,000 people near Trieste in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. It is the only part of Istria that remains under Italian …

  • Coburg


    Coburg is a district-free medium-sized town in the Bavarian administrative district of Upper Franconia. It’s the seat of the Coburg District Office and is part of the Nuremberg metropolitan region. …

  • Mataró


    Mataró, with about 130,000 people, is the capital of the Catalan comarca of Maresme in the province of Barcelona. The city is located about 30 km northeast of Barcelona on …

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