Trieste – my roots

Trieste is the capital of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region in northeastern Italy. The port city is situated in the narrow area between the Adriatic coast and the Karst on the border with Slovenia.

My parents emigrated from Trieste to Winterthur in 1966, where my siblings and I were born.

Trieste has a very long coastline and is surrounded by grassland, forests and karst. Trieste is also the “Citta della Barcolana”, as the signs at the city entrances make clear, and thus the annual venue of this world’s largest sailing regatta.

There are also other national and international names for the city, such as “Trieste città della bora”, “città del vento”, “City of the Three Winds”, “Trieste città della scienza – City of Science”, “Klein-Wien an der Adria” or “City of Coffee”, in which individual defining characteristics are emphasized.

Trieste, located at the intersection of Latin, Slavic, Greek and Jewish cultures, was often referred to as early New York because of its diverse ethnic and religious communities.

Trips and sights in Trieste

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