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The Shrine of Redipuglia

Sacrario di Redipuglia

The military memorial shrine of Redipuglia is the largest war memorial in Italy and was inaugurated in 1938. It contains the bones of about 100,000 people who died during the First World War.

The memorial shrine of Redipuglia was erected on the slopes of Monte Sei Busi. This inconspicuous hill formed a strategically important position at the lower Isonzo and the access to the plateaus of the western Karst, and thus the southern wing of the entire Alpine front.

The Italians struggled here to get the important access to the Austrian city of Trieste under control. Most of the Isonzo battles between 1915 and 1917 were fiercely fought here.

On the highest point of the hill stands the part of a Roman column from the excavations in Aquileia. This column is dedicated to the memory of the fallen of all wars, without distinction of time or origin.

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