Castle Miramare

Castello di Miramare Castello di Miramare is situated on a rocky cliff in the bay of Grignano, about five kilometres northwest of the Italian port of Trieste. The castle was built between 1856 and 1860 for Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian of Austria, the brother of Emperor Franz Joseph I, and his wife Charlotte of Belgium. The …

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Castle San Giusto

Castello di San Giusto is the medieval castle and fortress in the northern Italian city of Trieste and is located on the hill of the same name, the ancient center of Trieste. Next to the Cathedral of San Giusto, it is one of Trieste’s landmarks. With a construction period of almost 200 years (from 1471 …

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The Rilke Trail

The Rilkeweg is a hiking trail between Duino and Sistiana near Trieste, named after Rainer Maria Rilke. During his stays at Duino Castle between 1912 and 1922, the poet Rainer Maria Rilke wrote the ten Duino elegies that made Duino and its cliffs famous all over the world.


Rosandra Valley

The Rosandra Valley is a valley along the river Rosandra in the Italian municipality of San Dorligo della Valle near Trieste. It is the only valley in the Trieste Karst and was declared a Natural Park in 1996.



Grado is located on the north coast of the Adriatic on a coastal dune at the extreme end of the Gulf of Venice. The island of Grado is also called Sun Island or Gold Island.



Muggia is an Italian municipality in the province of Trieste. In 1999 my parents returned to Italy. They have settled in Muggia and are enjoying their well-deserved retirement. Because of the constant looting by robbers from the hinterland, the inhabitants of Muggia moved from the hill of the old Castrum Muglae to the seashore, where …

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Livigno is a town in the Italian Alps near the Swiss border. It is famous for its snow parks with slopes and cross-country ski runs. Livigno is also the starting point for excursions to the Stelvio National Park, where ermines, eagles and ibexes live.

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