Sesslach is a town in the Upper Franconian district of Coburg. Sesslach has an unusually well preserved medieval townscape and has become known nationwide as a historical film backdrop.



Würzburg is a city in the German state of Bavaria. It is known for its baroque and rococo buildings. With its numerous wine taverns, wine cellars and wineries as well as the characteristic Bocksbeutel, Würzburg is the heart of the Franconian wine region.


Veste Coburg

The Veste Coburg, a medieval fortress, towers above the town of Coburg in the Upper Franconian border region with Thuringia. It is very well preserved and lies above the city centre.



The Staffelberg is the local mountain of Bad Staffelstein in the Upper Franconian district of Lichtenfels. The name of the elevation is derived from the pronounced terrain levels (Staffeln), which give an insight into the geological history of the Jurassic period. From the Neolithic Age (around 5000 BC) to the Roman Empire (around 350 to …

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Hohentwiel fortress ruin

The Hohentwiel fortress ruin is one of the largest fortresses in Germany. It was the residence of the Dukes of Swabia and Württemberg. During the ascent it offers a breathtaking sight. The reward is waiting on top: A unique view over Lake Constance to the Alps.


Coburg – Leo’s origin

Coburg is a city in the Bavarian administrative district of Upper Franconia and is part of the Nuremberg metropolitan region. Leo’s relatives live in and around Coburg. Since 2005 Coburg is called European City. One of the largest castles in Germany, the Veste Coburg, rises above the city.

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