Croatia is an Eastern European country with a long coast on the Adriatic Sea.

The national territory includes over 1,000 islands and is crossed by the Dinaric Alps.



Rovinj is a Croatian port on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula. The old town, whose houses are close to the water, is situated on a promontory. Angled, cobbled streets lead up to the church of St. Euphemia on a hill, whose high spire dominates the cityscape. South of the old town is the …

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Pula, a coastal town at the tip of the Croatian Istrian peninsula, is known for its sheltered harbour, numerous beaches and ruins from Roman times. Throughout history, Pula has been occupied, destroyed and rebuilt several times because of its strategic location. The Romans as well as the Ostrogoths, the Venetians and the Allies in World …

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Medulin is a well-known seaside resort in Croatia and is situated at the southern tip of Istria. Medulin has a splendidly indented, long coast and is surrounded by a chain of small islands. Today Medulin is a well-known tourist centre.


Vozilici – my parents birthday

Since my parents celebrate their birthdays shortly after each other, my wife and I came up with something special and invited them to spend a holiday together in Croatia. In Vozilici we found a nice house with a pool and backyard. Together we spent a nice and good time 😉

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